Baboon (After Earth)

Baboons are animals that are native to Earth. The baboons in After Earth are shown to be totally fearless of humans thanks to the fact both species had been apart for generations.


Like their ancestors, they live in big, organized troops. They are curious towards humans, but retaliate accordingly if attacked. They have a sense of altruism and team-spirit, as if one is injured, it will call for help and the rest of the troop will come to it's defense.


They resemble olive baboons, but are a similar size to the larger chacma baboon and share the latter's long legs. They have evolved shaggy, dog-like hair in response to living in the redwood forests, and, like their ancestors, live in large troops.


Their presence in a Canadian redwood forests suggests that they may be descended from feral baboons who escaped laboratories, zoos, circuses, pet-owners, and private breeders.