After Earth Movie Clip-Bird vs lion

After Earth Movie Clip-Bird vs lion

Future Lion

The lion is a feline species of the genus Panthera .

Biology Edit

The lion is a large, muscular carnivore, growing up to 4 meters in length. They are excellent pride hunters, the females of 5 to 20 lions coordinating together to hunt large prey such as Okapi, bison, and warthogs.

Evolution Edit

Kitai Raige encountered several female members up close and personal. Their social structure is mostly the same, but the new species is more muscular, with 6 inch canines and a modified mane. The lion also has striped markings around its body, perhaps for camouflage. Over a 1000 years of evolution has bred the lion to be more strong to forage food for the pride. It also has a strong hatred towards another predator, the Condor, stealing eggs and young from the bird and attacking it with force.

History Edit

The lion and its pride number were found in high elevations near the tail of the Hesper.