An Okapi is a herd-dwelling animal native to Earth that has changed little in the 1,000 years since humanity fled the planet.


The okapi is a four-legged herbivorous mammal. It has a striped striped coat much like the earthly Zebra but is genetically closer to the extinct Giraffe, these coats are oily and provide protection against water and camouflage. The males have short horns called ossicones.


Since humanity has left earth the creature has changed little, its fur-covered horns, called ossicones, have grown sharpened presumably for defensive purposes, and the animal evolved to travel in herds rather than being solitary. Their zebra-like stripes have extended to their back. These appearances resemble that of a current antelope called the bongo.


Originally on Earth the animal was discovered in the nineteenth century, it was given the scientific name johnstoni in honor of the explorer "Harry Johnston". When the Hesper crashed on earth these creatures were tracked in the higher elevations near the ship.