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The Ursa are a species of geneticall



The sixth and latest generation saw a massive redesign of the Ursa's skeletal structure, raising the body off the ground with four elongated limbs. Some form of metal was bonded at the molecular level with the Ursa's organic skeletal structure. This took the form of a virtually indestructible carapace that protects the Ursa from human weapons in all but a couple of places-specifically, a small spot on the creature's back and a larger area beneath it. The Ursa's venom was made thicker and more corrosive and now manifested in the form of black globules that could stick to even a metallic surface and could burn through it. This breed of Ursa was bigger as well, it towered over the tallest human and outweighed him by at least 90 kilos. Still at a full run, it is far faster than a human and can easily outrun anyone with its overall enhanced endurance. At the same time the creatures sleeping duration was reduced. Rather than requiring a full night's rest, these Ursa need only five one-hour rest periods per Novan day. Finally, they also were given the ability to imprint and target specific humans.


  • Ursa can only detect fear

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